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About Leroy Hunter

Leroy Hunter, BS is a trainer, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur.

Working in the private sector, state government, county government, and city government for 19 years. Leroy became an entrepreneur by opening his own painting business.

Every journey he has taken, Leroy found himself coaching, speaking, and offering advice to his friends, family, clients, and staff. He always had a great work ethic and believed in getting the job completed to the satisfaction of the customer. Leroy's journey was built on helping himself and others to step out of their comfort zone, make sacrifices, and reach for success. This was based on his principles of making decisions and following through.

Leroy Hunter

Consulting Service for all kind of businesses

Let me help you expand your business, I have the experience in helping individuals through one-on-one consulting or speaking at events in front of a large audience.

Individual Business Coaching Services

Individual Coaching

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Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

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Top 3 Reasons To Choose Leroy Hunter

The best way to inspire your life is to inspire the lives of others

I've worked with people of all career types and income levels. I want to share with you the top 3 reasons why others have chosen to work with me, and why you should work with me as well.

1. Experience

Leroy has a diverse background of working in the Private Sector, State Government, County Government and City Government. Most of his experience has been in areas of Administrative Training and Customer Service. Because of this, Leroy is able to provide valuable insight on crucial topics such as: effective communication skills and relationship building, professionalism, leadership and customer service.

2. Diversity

Leroy feels that people skills are the foundation of effective communication. Therefore, Leroy has dedicated his passion for teaching, inspiring, and helping others succeed.

3. Likeable

Leroy is a likable person because of his personality, great work ethic, and commitment to his craft.


I've had the privelage of connecting with some big names on the consulting industry.

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