Leroy Hunter - HGC Founder

About Leroy Hunter

Leroy Hunter, BS is a trainer, coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who had little resources but big dreams.

His journey includes working in the private sector, state government, County government and city government for 19 years. He became an entrepreneur by opening his own painting business.

Every Journey Leroy's taken he found himself coaching, speaking, and offering advice to his friends family clients and staff. He has always had a great work ethic and believed in getting the job completed to the satisfaction of the customer. Leroy's journey was built on helping himself and others to step out of their comfort zone, make sacrifices and reach for Success. This was based on several principles. Making a decision and following through.

Leroy Hunter - HGC

Our Mission & Values

Our Mission: Inspire, motivate and connect with individuals, businesses, professionals, and athletes to help them reach their potential. His journey was built on helping himself, his daughter and others to step out of their comfort zone.

Our Values: We listen first to best understand your goals, event, budget, and time frames. People learn best when they are engaged, interactive, and find content relevant. Our Innovative workshops and keynote speeches deliver relatable information field content that is useful and immediately applicable to your lives and work. are training incorporates strategies that establish positive change. We are gold ribbon and focus on positive actions that produce results! Let us help you navigate through the waves of life!

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